Buffer app review: An essential tool for the productive PR professional



Like many other scheduling or productivity apps, Buffer has its pros and cons.

While taking into consideration the fact that Buffer offers a Free basic version, it is very useful to gain a good perspective if it is an app that suits your needs. You can schedule posts to the top social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and you can do all of this from your smart phone, iPad or iPod.



The Pros and Cons:

  • Pro: In the Free version of Buffer, you can connect to up to four social media accounts, and are able to schedule up to ten posts per profile.


  • Con: On the downside if you do require more and are able to afford a monthly payment, then it has an upgrade option called the “Awesome Plan” which allows you to connect to 10 accounts, and to schedule up to 100 posts. It is a very affordable monthly payment.


  • Pro: In my opinion, unlike a competitor like Hootsuite, Buffer has a much user-friendly feel to it. You can create posts, attach images from your library or even take a picture on the spot, and upload it.


  • Con: You have a small character limit to post, and if you want data analytics, you must upgrade to the “Business plan” which is very costly.



Overall I would say Buffer can be an essential tool to the PR professional who is getting started, and is looking for a simple application to understand the concept of scheduling posts and organizing from their mobile devices. It is designed to work great with mobile devices, however the only suggestion I have to improve the user experience would be to perhaps not have a limit on the characters for the posts. I would recommend this app to those who are looking for a simple way to keep your productivity up, and to manage your posting consistency, I would suggest your first give it a try by downloading the Free version, and then to upgrade if you are ready to use it consistently.

Wish APP

If I could develop an app to suit my needs as a PR professional, I would want app that is able to sync and link all my social media platforms flawlessly. I would want the app to automatically format every post to match the platform perfectly. I would also want an app that is able to check spelling and grammar on the posts and on the hashtags.

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